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 Best Choice Independent Insurance Services

Your Trusted Source for the Best Health Insurance options for South Dakota residents who live the traveling lifestyle.

Best Choice Independent Insurance Services is owned and operated by Mike Monson. Mike has been serving the full time traveling residents of South Dakota for over 18 years. Mike specializes in finding the best health care coverage at the best rates. So if you are Medicare Eligible or under 65,  we offer a range of policies and plans tailor-made to meet your specific requirements. Contact me today for more information.

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Contact Best Choice Independent Insurance Services today! Of course, I am able to work with fulltimers at their convenience using, phone appointments, dedicated text #, email, scanning, faxing and mailing information. I do most all of my business on the phone and I really dislike call waiting, so to prevent as much phone tag as possible most of my clients prefer to set phone appointments, ** FYI ** I am in Central Time, Please let me know your current Time Zone.  Take Care & Safe Travels, Mike

Best Choice Independent Insurance Services  PO Box 1958, Sioux Falls  SD  57101


605.782.4642    888.813.5802  or Dedicated Text #  605.261.6492

Fax  1.605.221.5590


" I greatly appreciate your help in obtaining outstanding PPO coverage.  You are a real Pro in the insurance industry !! "

Robert H Denton

We owned an Agricultural Operation for better than 40 yrs & insurance in general was always a challenge but in particular Health Ins. coverage at an affordable level of cost vs coverage was by far the most problematic. We also owned Motorhomes & loved the lifestyle & wanted to be Full Timers. One of greatest concerns after selecting a State (SD) for legal Residency was Health Insurance coverage as we were not yet Medicare Eligible.

Upon doing a search we contacted Mike Monson & asked if he could provide us recommendations, proper Nationwide Health Insurance coverage & of course at an affordable cost. Mike immediately told us he would send us recommendations & rate plans but most importantly he would give us 'HONEST ANSWERS' & 'HONEST ADVICE' even when it wasn't what we wanted to hear. The truth is THAT IS what we all need to hear & not a salesman telling you otherwise. 

In our almost 3 years with Mike he has continued to do that to this day. Honest answers to questions & concerns all while providing Health Insurance coverage that has worked all over this great country of ours.

We highly recommend Mike Monson for your health insurance needs as he understands the RV lifestyle.

Sue & Brian Ashworth,  Box Elder  SD

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